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Seaforth Website Subscription Campaign

In September 2015, Seaforth School started communicating with parents through the school website.  It has been almost a year since Seaforth stopped using email for general school communication – newsletters, special events, Professional Days, calendars, messages from PAC, Hot Lunch Updates, and much, much more.  Parents and guardians should be subscribed to the website, this will ensure that each subscriber receives notice of new website posts.   There are some exceptions, of course, when the school does communicate by email for example:  direct parent communication from teachers and administration, Grade 7 communication from Parent Committees, etc.   This week the school launched a subscription campaign targeting unsubscribed parents and guardians.  Therefore you may receive an email like the sample below.  PLEASE complete the subscription process by confirming the email.  We appreciate your assistance.  If you have any questions, please contact the school office.        


From: adminseaforth <>

To: —————————————–

Sent:  Feb 2017

Subject: Confirm your subscription to Seaforth Elementary


Hurray! You’ve subscribed to our site.

We need you to activate your subscription to the list(s): My first list by clicking the link below:

Click here to confirm your subscription. (……………………..)

Thank you,

The team!